ESP - Emergency Supply Packs
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P.O. Box 97
Simi Valley, CA 93062
Phone: 805-791-7510
Be Aware Be Prepared


We will never know when a disaster of any kind
or magnitude is going to strike. Our emergency backpacks will help you to BE AWARE and BE PREPARED for a disaster!

Our ESP is a one person standard 72 hour survival pack, containing water, food, first aid kit and other emergency supplies.

A 72 hour pack can and should be used for any emergency or natural disaster. An earthquake, hurricane, flood, fire...

The best places to store your ESP is any place
you or your family spend time.
Such as: home, school, office, church...

Our ESP is a sturdy easy to carry backpack containing: 1st Aid Kit, water, food bar, flashlight
and batteries, safety lite stick, emergency blanket, emergency rain poncho, dust and filter mask, swiss style multi function knife, whistle, towelettes, tissues, notebook and pen in a sturdy backpack.

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